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Self-care is essential for our overall well-being, but sometimes we complicate it in ways that defeat its very purpose.  We can make it stressful, burdensome, and even feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves. In reality, self-care should be simple, rejuvenating, and a regular part of our lives.  Here are three ways you might be making self-care […]

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3 Ways You’re Making Self-Care Harder Than It Needs To Be

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Ever found yourself at an event or in a meeting, anxiously awaiting your turn to speak or demonstrate something? It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it? Some years ago, I was at a CrossFit trainer certification seminar. Before the seminar, I had made a promise to myself. I decided to put some advice I’d heard into practice: always volunteer […]

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Your Secret Weapon to Conquer Nerves and Shine..

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You know that life you’ve been trying to build?  The unapologetic one where you’re totally comfortable being your neurodivergent self?  I’ve got a framework for that, and it’s a bit like a three legged stool. 🪑 Leg one: Acceptance. It’s all about embracing the beautiful chaos that is you. Understanding your unique neurodivergence and how […]

Who Knew Three-Legged Stools Could Be Life-Changing? 🪑