Clarity Through Action

Have you ever been frozen in indecision? Unsure what your next steps should be? You may not even know what steps you could take. 

Often, we stay stuck searching for the perfect answer, waiting until we can predict the final outcome.

There’s a faster way to find the answer, though.

Start taking action. Oofda, scary. 

Remember when you were counting on Google Maps to reach your destination, but you ran into construction or missed the turn, and Google started scrambling to reroute you?

If you are spinning in circles. Sometimes, even the all-knowing Google can’t figure out your path if you are standing still. It is when you start moving forward, no matter which direction or how slow you trek, that Google can figure out what’s going on and start pointing you in the right direction.

Life can be much the same. 

The moments when I’ve found myself the most stuck are the moments when I have seen the answers by starting to move forward. 

Living with chronic pain, I found it easy to get lost in frustration and hopelessness. But I find answers in action. I can research to the ends of the earth for pain management. I can try to ignore it, and I hope it goes away. I can wait for doctors to give me the perfect answer (ha!). But I’ll never know what works for me if I don’t try something. I’ll be stuck if I don’t take action on ideas and recommendations.

After my husband and my infertility treatments were coming to a close and we realized that my plans on being a mom were quickly fading, I had endless options of what I could do with my life instead. I’ve seen plenty of other women get stuck in this space, drifting through life and stuck in grief. 

Instead, I started experimenting. I dove deeper into my CrossFit and nutrition coaching. I started doing more online business coaching. I played with content creation. I also spent time ignoring all of that to be a housewife, trying to keep the house spotless, cook healthy meals every night, and raise our new puppy to be the best doggo. 

In all those variations, experiments, and actions, I learned a couple of huge lessons. Mainly, I’m not cut out to be a housewife. I’ve got entrepreneurship in my blood, and running a business was going to be at the forefront of whatever I decided to focus on next in life.

When you find yourself frozen, stuck, or bogged down, you should take a step. Without judgment, it can be a tiny step, a step in the wrong direction, or whatever feels the easiest. But I’d bet you a dozen donuts that taking that step will garner you new information and, with that, more clarity than if you just stood still. 

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