1:1 Mindset & Life Coaching for Neurodivergent Brains


You’ve spent your entire life struggling, thinking there was something wrong with you.

Not knowing you were neurodivergent.

Maybe it showed up in thoughts like....

  • Feeling like you don't fit in anywhere. Never sure what the rules of the social game are.
  • Constantly pushing for perfection - only resulting in burnout.
  • Not having a solid feeling about who you are and how you want to show up in the world. But knowing what you're doing isn't it.
  • Struggling at work or school despite trying your damndest. 
  • Friends, family, and society at large have told you that you're loud, quirky, busy, just all around too much so you've shrunk yourself to make them more comfortable.

But now you know you're neurodivergent.

That changes everything

Show up with confidence and authenticity in every area of your life & with a better understanding of your unique brain.


1:1 Mindset & Strategic Life Coaching

You'll go from...


Constantly burnt out

Uncomfy in your own skin

Struggling with communication & relationships

Prioritizing self care & create new strategies to break the burnout cycle for good

Embracing who you are & redefining how you want to show up

Setting boundaries & taking care of your needs


"Before my work with Casey, I struggled with giving myself grace on my learning journey to understand my recent autism diagnosis better. The way Casey holds space, mirrors back, and reframes thoughts and ideas was amazing. She really helped me see, celebrate, and accept myself."


What's Included

Six 1-hour Zoom Calls

Together we'll work thru a variety of topics redefining life to work with your unique needs & perspective. 

Voxer Access

So you never feel stuck or overwhelmed between calls you have voice & text messaging with me via the Voxer app.  

 Tools & Resources

We cover a lot in our calls but the work happens between call. I'll send over homework, tools, & resources whenever you need.

For the next 3 months I'm right there along side you.

3 Month Package
$2100 Total Investment