Who Knew Three-Legged Stools Could Be Life-Changing? 🪑

You know that life you’ve been trying to build? 

The unapologetic one where you’re totally comfortable being your neurodivergent self? 

I’ve got a framework for that, and it’s a bit like a three legged stool. 🪑

Leg one: Acceptance.

It’s all about embracing the beautiful chaos that is you. Understanding your unique neurodivergence and how it shows up in your life, adjusting your expectations, and rebuilding self-trust. 

Basically, it’s a big ol’ hug to your brain, saying, “Hey, we’ve been playing this game on hard mode, and it’s okay.”

Leg two: Self-care.

AKA your personal burnout recovery and prevention plan. It’s about looking after your physical self, your mental health, your emotional wellbeing, and your nervous system. 

Picture it like a spa day, but for your whole being! 

Leg three: Integration.

This is the part where you take all that acceptance and self-care and turn it into your daily groove. It involves mastering decision-making skills, learning your own set of strategies and coping skills, figuring out when and how to unmask, and becoming a boss at setting boundaries. 

If you’ve ever sat on a wobbly stool, you know it’s all fun and games until one leg is shorter than the others, right? 😅 Same concept here. 

Each leg plays an important role in keeping the stool stable. 

When all three parts of our framework—Acceptance, Self-Care, and Integration—are working in harmony, that’s when you’ll be sitting pretty on a stool of stability. 

Miss a leg, and life feels like a never-ending game of musical chairs. But with all three? That’s when you start living your unapologetically authentic life. 

It’s the harmony of the trio that makes life less of a stumble and more of a groove.

So, ready to keep the stool steady?

Feeling a little too crowded and loud inside your brain? This free mini-toolkit with sort the noise and help you decide what your next best action is.

Calm the chaos in your brain.