My Code of Ethics

My Promise to You

1. You're Unique, I Get It: Every person who comes to me is a world unto themselves. I celebrate you for who you are - your neurodivergence, your race, your gender identity, your life stories, and beyond. Being a safe person and creating an inclusive space is a core value.

2. Let's Make Sure We're on the Same Page: Transparency is key to me. Before we start our journey together, I'll make sure you know what you're signing up for - the good, the tough, and everything in between. And remember, you're free to say "pause" or "stop" anytime you wish.

3. What's shared with me, stays with me. I guard your privacy like a treasure (unless the law says I need to share something for safety reasons).

4. I've Got Your Back: Your well-being means the world to me. I'll be there to support, understand, and journey with you. If you have a need, I promise to respond in the best way I can.

5. I'm Always Learning, Too: I know there’s always room for improvement. So, I promise to keep learning, growing, and evolving to serve you better. If I feel I'm not the best fit for a certain need, I’ll guide you to someone who is. If you see a gap in my knowledge please let me know.

6. I'll Keep it Real: Honesty and trust are biggies for me. I promise to always be upfront with you, even when it's not the easy route.

7. It's Professional, Not Personal: I'm here to build a healthy coaching relationship with you. This means I'll steer clear of situations that might blur the lines or cause conflicts.

8. You Call The Shots: I respect and honor your freedom to make your own choices. I'm here to support you, not steer you. Your life, your rules!

9. I'm On Your Team: I'm not just coaching - I'm advocating for a world where neurodivergent individuals, the queer community, and people of color are understood, respected, and valued.

Quick Heads Up: My coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care. Coaching is not therapy and is not right for everyone.