Rent My Brain

Stop wasting time scouring Google – Get straight to the answers you need.

Before you get lost in another YouTube rabbit hole of business advice…


The web is an overwhelming place, it’s hard to be sure what advice is good advice or if it’ll even work for you. You end up muddling along trying to piecemeal answers and hope for the best.

Time is precious and I don’t want you wasting any of yours.

That’s where I come in.

I live for problem-solving, idea creating, and seeing businesses succeed. So instead of generalized advice from the web, I’m here to give you 1-on-1 advice on whatever’s got you stuck or stumped.

Rent my brain to gets you fast, high-end help at a fraction of the price.

Past Clients have used this time for a range of topics including →

  • How to package and price offers

  • Managing overwhelm

  • Getting unstuck and problem-solving

  • Creating systems for smoother backend client management

  • Sounding board to sort out new ideas

  • Brainstorm additional income streams

  • Identifying ideal clients

  • Getting clarity around core messaging

Heyo, I’m Casey

After years as a serial entrepreneur, I’ve embraced my knack for, and love of, starting new businesses. I’ve harnessed those lessons learned to focus on helping new entrepreneurs find their own success.

I guide you through building your business in a way that’s ideal for you and your clients. We leverage your strengths and passion. Combine that with actionable systems and strategies. Rounding it out with help navigating the shitty feelings, like doubt and frustration, that inevitably arise as we take on new challenges.

No more getting in your own way or letting others drag you down. You get to focus on building that thriving feel-good business the world needs.