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More Impact. Less feeling shitty. Build a thriving feel-good business with the best interests of yourself and your clients always in mind.

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Build a thriving feel-good business with the best interests of yourself and your client always in mind.

Rent My Brain

Feeling lost in the weeds? Where ever you’re stuck I’ll meet you there for personalized advice to get you moving forward with confidence. These calls are quick and actionable.

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Business Simplicity

You don’t have to go it alone. This mentorship is focused on you building a rock-solid foundation for your business. It’s not busywork, it’s the work you need to be doing.

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Don’t take my word – Here’s what my clients have to say:

Working with Casey as I created my business was wonderful. She quickly grasped the essence of my business concept and shaped her recommendations and guidance to my specific needs at each step of the way. She helpfully encouraged and nudged me along while respecting my pace. She always answered my newbie questions promptly and patiently. Casey invited me to stretch past my comfort zones and built up my confidence with her sincere positive feedback. Accountability is magic when working towards a goal; Casey also brings business experience, compassion, empathy, humor, and just the right amount of pep talk. I am where I am with my business because of working with her.

-Anastasia M.

To kick things off, Casey scheduled a thirty-minute consultation call with me. During the call, she mostly listened, absorbing my rapid-fire barrage of backstory, current situation, and the ideas I had about how I wanted to revive my career as an author. Occasionally she interjected with questions, mostly for the purposes of clarity. 

Once all the information was on the table, Casey offered a trifecta of affirmation (“you’re on the right track”), encouragement (“I love your ideas”), and action (“what can you do to make your desires a destination?”). Together we worked out a short-term plan for me, and Casey advised I brainstorm a list rather than a plan for the long-term (at the present time, certain life situations are in flux, so long-term planning wasn’t really an option). When the call ended (and frankly, I could have talked for two more hours), I was energized, motivated, and in great spirits.

-Elisa L.